A day at the Tour

Every now and then, I write in this little corner. Well, motherhood is keeping me busy (is everyone using this as an excuse?)… anyway, here I am, telling you a little story of my day yesterday.

Cadel is racing the Tour de France and yesterday the Tour Machine was in Nice (for the Team Time Trial), not that far away from home. Well, that’s what I initially thought. At the end of the day, I spent nine hours in the car, but that’s another story.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a great day for the BMC boys, but it was worth to be there and seeing The Lil Man (aka Robel, aka Obi) showing all his bright white teeth at the sight of his Papi (aka Daddy, aka Cadel). It’s not always possible for families to get close to their favourite cyclists and if it happens, it doesn’t last for that long. Have to say, with BMC is a different story, because they’ve always welcome me, looked after me, made me feel part of the team. I don’t often visit Cadel, but when it happens I struggle the whole day to reach the team bus (I’m experienced in going to all the big races without any pass, I always find my way somehow!) and, when I finally have found it, I can stay with him for ten minutes and that’s it. So, nine hours in the car for a one minute chat and nine minutes of hugs with the son? Yes. And it was worth the drive and the wait, as every time in the past ten years.

Just in case you’re getting emotional, I’ll change your feelings right away by telling you that 1. Nice needs playgrounds 2. The ALCATEL advertising banner at the bottom of the big screens completely covers the race info 3. I got quite scared when I saw the Orange Aliens all together for the TTT.. I kept my safety distance, just in case.

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