Vuelta Espana - Stage 20
 Sunday, 14 September 2014
  The last road stage of the last Grand Tour of the year, and what a stage...a very fast start on tiny roads saw the group splintering to pieces in the first 20km. One of my colleagues said to me "in 15 Grand Tours, this the hardest start I ever did". I don't know if it was the hardest start I ever did, but evidently it was hard. The first 'uphill' was not categorised but ask those in the fourth group if that mattered? Things actually calmed down when we made it to first categorised climbs of the day, a damp slippery decent saw a few drop it, but the hard start had hurt everyone's legs so it kept things relatively calm until the final onto 'Puerto de Ancares'. A beautiful part of Galicia; as we left I could not help but admire the scenery which would be a delight to ride amongst on or off the road. Tomorrow sees a strange individual time trial, only 9.7km will not allow many changes in GC, but after 20 days of racing, it is not easy to get going over such a short distance. Many in the group consider their Vuelta over, so I don't expect our hotel will be quiet tonight.