Vuelta Espana - Stage 9
 Sunday, 31 August 2014
  A serious day in the hills today, and a complete turnaround with the weather as well. To perform at the top level is one thing, to stay there you have to be very quick to adapt; and considering on Wednesday my SRM read 48C during the stage, and today (Sunday) it read 11C as I crossed the finish line... Quite a few had problems with feeling today, not because of calorie consumption but for the body's thermoregulation system - if one's cooling system is effective, chances are its warming system is not, and that requires quite a few calories to maintain. Leading into the second last climb, we had a heavy storm hit that combined with the narrow rough roads was quite something. "Watch out" I think Lauren's Ten Dam yelled to me as we approached a narrow village entry (Cabra de Mora - what a name), I could not see a thing it was so dark... Anyway, we got to the start of the climb when Aru had an untimely puncture and Sky started riding. At this point it became obvious I was not going to be of any use to the team so it was conservation mode from there on for me. Samu held on well until 2km to go which is another promising sign. Rest day tomorrow, but the following day's time trial will be interesting. Probably one of the few times I will get to go 'easy' in a Grand Tour time trial.